Med-Ally LLC

  1. Constant current channels
  2. Current fractionalization & steering
  3. Independent Electrode Selection
  4. High Resolution Pulse Amplitude, Frequency and Pulse Width
  5. Telemetry communication
  6. Lead Impedance measurement
  7. Encrypted Data communication
  8. Inductive Recharging, battery choice

VersaStim IPG Platform is an ultra-low power multi-channel programmable and implantable stimulation device. This system purposes to address numerous medical conditions and addresses various therapies

Customizable configurations to include:
​- Rechargeable single and dual batteries, or primary cell(s)
- 16 up to 32 channel IPG’s for spinal cord stimulation or similar therapies
-  Research oriented off the shelf systems

- Innovative design simplifies assembly 
- Additional platforms incorporate advanced technologies for adaptive closed loop systems

Deep Brain Stimulation

  - Parkinson’s
  - Traumatic Brain Injury

Spinal Cord Stimulation

  - Chronic pain
  - Incontinence
  - Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  - Spinal Cord Injury

Advanced configurations

  - Recording LFP Biomarker data
  - Sensing & processing bio-signals 

Multi-Channel High Power clinical unit


Sample Accomplishments

Our Platform, Registered Trade Mark

Incontinence Implant

Client Proprietary Implant

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